Portfolio tracker

Keep track of all your investments – even ones you hold with other investment houses – using our handy tracker tool

If you’re a UK private investor, you can use the Aberdeen Portfolio Tracker to regularly check:

  • Investments you hold with Aberdeen
  • Funds you hold with other investment houses
  • Your major stocks on the London Stock Exchange

You can also track other items of value that make up your total holdings and anything you’ve bought as an investment, including property.

Automatic daily updates

We automatically update the value of your investments every day so you can see which funds have gone up or down and how the value has changed since you bought them.

Password protected system

To make sure no one else can access your Portfolio Tracker, it’s protected with a password which you set up when you register. If you forget your password we can email it to you.


For help with registration, logging in, adding your investments or for other tool functionality please view our help tool.

Help tool

To contact us direct please email portfolio.tracker@aberdeen-asset.com

Please note this email address is for Portfolio Tracker assistance only.

Aberdeen Portfolio Tracker, and the data in it, is hosted and maintained by Financial Express.